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The way to reach market today is by creating innovative fabrics either through interesting weaves and prints or through creating sustainability by using technology for new experimentation. There are aspirations to achieve a harmony between sustainable development, a healthy lifestyle and the dynamic fashion world. The clear message of eco and sustainability reaches through re-cycling and up-cycling. In trend are Hybrid fabrics that mix ampleness and ergonomics, organic cotton and recycled polyester, in a friendly and futuristic spirit.

In terms of design there is a reverence for the past while gazing hopefully toward the future. This can be seen in Victorian elements, gothic architecture, heraldic motifs and harlequin prints. There is a return of bright colors and strong folklore statements, inspirations from around the world with embroidery, appliques and felting treatments.

Dream like nature is envisioned in both urban and tribal settings. The forest-like vegetation in both these settings is either mysterious or nearly surrealistic. Nature enters our living spaces, gives us touch of romance. Green, the season’s directional color unifies this eco modern style that merges city and nature. Warm tones alongside cold tones define this relationship between the Organic alongside Artificial. There is a movement from the conventional to a humorous distortion of the existing patterns and visuals such as checks, flower or geometrics.

Another interesting theme in prints includes enlarged or fragmented pixalation. Using pointillism s minimalist and monochromatic range of scattered motifs and patterned grounds creates optical effects. Traditional fabric weaves get enhanced by performance elements. Mineral tones are the basis for designing this balance between the warm and cool tones.

In this time of global recession and climate change Price, Quality and Longevity are the buying Mantra. People’s attitudes and belief systems are being altered and so will their opinions, desires and priorities be.

Based on the study of Promostyl, Textile View, Premier Vision,  Lenzing forecast


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