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MAGIC gives us the ability to imagine and to change. It opens up a world of infinite possibilities, connecting us again with the child we once were and still lives within each and every one of us. For Spring/Summer 2010, let’s use our own magical thinking to create products that surprise both the world and ourselves. “Magic is a bridge which allows you to move from the visible world to the invisible, and to learn the lessons of both worlds.” The intent of the magic determines the color to use.


A counter to the past few seasons’ push toward all things bright and kaleidoscope in feeling, the color palette of Shadowplay goes beyond simple neutrals and monochromes to a more immaterial quality of blacks, grays, sands and whites. A great range to use as a basis with other color stories, shadowplay shows the importance of half tones, in both light and dark color families



How we look and perceive the world around us is conditioned by light or the lack thereof. Mirage is marked by a simple, warm and natural summer “white” look, followed around by soft tinted, cool shadow neutrals. Here it is all about sunburned whites and down to earth shades.



Here we use mixes of pastel, vivid and acid tones to create a universe in which both natural and synthetic materials are combined to give color an artificial appearance. The hypnotic palette frees us to flee the typical and established color combinations and connect with an imaginary future where we change our reality through the use of color.



Alchemy gives us the spirit of life and light, the energy of the sun and the tantalizing flames of a dancing fire. A color frenzy balanced by the essential neutral beige which sits in a pivotal spot between the stimulating and enlightening bursts of orange and yellow and the creativity and spirituality of the pinks and purples.



The shades in the Talisman palette appear to have a magical power and radiate a powerful energy. This is a range of colors that are eclectic and the whole attitude here is about freedom of expression and the idea of new shades being applied to classic materials. What is important here is an interpretation that is exuberant, exotic and irregular.



Romantic and pure, blending like a soft kaleidoscope, Tale embodies a palette of subtle shades of pale. Colors are clean, harmonies are light and shapes are ancestral and classic. There is a feeling of understated materialism with the real magic clearly lying in the simplicity.



Incorporating colors from nature, Shamanism lets us connect with our more animalistic side. With trash highlighted as a design option, objects appear unfinished, materials look eroded, finishings are purposely soft and worn out and luxury fabrics are raw or rough.



From the deepest indigo, oriental ink and royal blue to the paper white, yellowed parchment and onion skin, the colors in spellbound let you start with a blank page and combine the magic of these colors to tell a new story.



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